1. Yesterday

From the recordings They Say, Ep for the band, and Thanks For Listening

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A song about reminiscing, falling in love, and the one that get's away.

Vocals: Joe Davenport
Acoustic Guitar: Joe Davenport / Scott Shaw
Upright Bass: Roger Strong
Drums: Rick Long
Mandolin: Josh Hungate

Recorded, mixed, and mastered by:
Joel Nanos at Element Recording Studios


Deep in every heart, locked away deep inside the soul.
Lies a secret room, where only old friends and abandon dreams can go.
Deep in every mind, lies a keep sake of memories left behind.
Every now and then, we remember when, wish we were there again
And we try to find our way to yesterday

I thought I heard you say, that no one's ever looked at you that way.
Well, darling if that's true, it's your smile in my eyes that's looking back at you.
When I look in your eyes, it takes me by surprise but it's here I realize
Darling, you take me back to yesterday.

If we must go our ways, I'll keep you here with me in my secret place.
If you say you gotta go, I'll keep you in my heart and only I will know,

every now and then... I remember when, wish we were there again and I'll let you take me back to yesterday.